Throughout the 80’s, when major tile companies were set up in Spain, clay and minerals started being supplied to manufactures of flooring and coating ceramic products, as well as to industries of the ceramic pigment sector, located mostly in the Castellon province. This new business line rapidly enhanced activity, contributing, as a result, to the company’s expansion.

In the following years, VICENTE DIEZ S.L. managed to keep abreast of the ceramic industries developments and trends, consolidating its current areas of activity:

Supply of Clay and Minerals for the ceramic industry.

Manufacturing and marketing of Quality Ceramic Bodies, especially stonewares and porcelain for the industry, crafts, architecture, fine arts and handicrafts.

In the past 25 years, this family business was solely managed by Vicente Díez Alós, his wife and two children.

In September 2011, the company underwent a major change when joined by a business partner who purchased from the Díez Family most of the social shares.

A new phase began then seeking to give continuity to VICENTE DIEZ S.L. and a renewed boost to its production and commercial activities, both with regards to Ceramic Bodies as well as Clay and Minerals.

A correct transition is contributing to making the most of all the existing know-how in terms of processes and products, which will lead the new industrial, commercial, R&D and professional management development sought for the coming years.

Currently, VICENTE DIEZ ceramic bodies are acknowledged across the entire Spanish Market and also regularly exported to France, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Great Britain, Argentina and Chile. In addition, the company is now working on launching distributions both in other European countries and in emerging markets in Asia, Northern Africa and South America.

The Company VICENTE DIEZ launched its activities in 1920, under the name of its founder Luis Díez Cases.

At first, the company focused on manufacturing low temperature traditional ceramic bodies to supply factories and workshops in Manises, experiencing rapid growth at that time.

Later, it added the preparation and marketing of raw materials for ceramic and glassware, such as quartz, kaolin and feldspar grinding, thus increasing turnover.

By the end of the 70’s, Vicente Díez Alós, one of the founder’s sons, developed high temperature pastes, stonewares for the craft market and high quality porcelains for both decoration and crockery industries, which in few years extended to the Spanish Market and began sales in various European countries.

The current society was formally incorporated in December 1979 under the present name VICENTE DIEZ S.L.